Japanese buxus - Currently available  in 140mm

                         (200mm SPECIAL-  $10 EACH)

Micro Micro buxus - Currently available in 140mm and 200mm

Duranta -Geisha Girl Currently available 200mm

                   Sheena's Gold - Currently available in 140mm and                                                                      200mm (JUST POTTED)

 Murraya- Currently available in 140mm and 200mm 

Murraya -Min A Min- Currently available in 140mm 

Gardenia-Florida- Currently available in 140mm JUST POTTED and                            200mm

PhotiniaRed robinCurrently available in 200mm 

                                          140mm JUST POTTED

Liriope- Evergreen Giant- Currently available in 140mm and 200mm

Nandina MoonBay- Currently available 200mm LOW STOCK

                  Nana- Currently available140mm 

Little Ruby- Currently available in 140mm and  200mm

Viburnum- Odoratissimum -Currently available in  200mm

                       Tinus - Currently available in 140mm and 200mm

Lilly PillySyzygium resilience Currently available in 200mm

                     Acmena Forest Flame- Currently available in 140mm JUST                       POTTED

Jasmine - Tri-color - Currently available in 140mm and 200mm 

            Star Jasmine- Currently available in 140mm JUST POTTED

      Jasmine Polyanthum- Currently available in 140mm 

Coastal Rosemary - Currently available in 200mm


                                ALL 140mm plants - $7.50 Each 

                                ALL 200MM PLANTS  $12 Each             

                 EXCEPT  Little Ruby   $15

                                 Japanese buxus $10 Special

                                Coastal Rosemary $10 Special



Hybrid Tea Bush, Floribunda Bush and Standards of both.

Bush Roses- $23.50 EACH 

(Blue moon, Our copper queen, Just joey, Tequila sunrise, Bonica)

Bush Roses- $28.50 EACH  

(Dame elisabeth murdoch, Sweet parole, Make a wish, Peach profusion, Golden beauty,)

Standard Roses 60cm-  $38.50-$43.50 EACH  

                                            (Fragrant Plum, Bonica, Peach profusion, Just joey) 

Standard Roses 90cm- $43.50- $48.50 EACH  

                                             (Gold medal, Tequila sunrise, Blue moon, Big purple)         



Premium Garden Mix -(25 Litres) $8 EACH

Premium Potting Mix- (25 Litres) $8 EACH

Cow Manure -               (25Litres) $8 EACH 

Bounce Back -               (20Kg)$30 Each

Eco Oil - (500ml) $20 EACH

Yucca- (250mm) $35 EACH

              (200mm) $20 EACH

Pony Tail Palms- (250mm) $41.50 EACH

Tristaneopsis Laurina- (45 Litre) $88.50 (JUST POTTED)

Jasmine Biblical (200mm) $40 Each






 INDOOR PLANTS-                        

Ficus Elastica-Tineke (300mm) $51.50 Each 

Ficus Elastica- Rubra (300mm) $51.50 Each 

Golden Cane Palm- (200mm) $21.50 Each  LOW IN STOCK






Weeping Cherries- (Short 1.5M - 1.7M )-

 Pink Cascade(Pink), Snofozam (White)- $150 EACH 

Weeping Cherries -(Tall 2M - 2.2M) 

 Snofozam(White), Pink Cascade(Pink)  $195 Each

Uprights -Flowering Cherry

                   ( Mt Fuji-White)  $165 Each (FULLY MATURE 2 LEFT)

                   (Kanzan-Pink) $75 Each                             

                   Flowering Peach

                   (Alboplena-White) $75 Each(4 Left)

                   (Magnifica-Red) $75 Each

                    (Versicolour) $75 Each

                    Flowering Plum

                   (Prunus x blireana) $65 EACH 

                   (Prunus Elvins) $65 EACH 

 Magnolias -(Little Gem) (200mm) $35 Each, LOW STOCK

                                                (300mm) $65 Each, 

                                                (400mm) $125 Each

                        (Soulangeana) - Pink Deciduous ( 200mm) $42.50Each

                        Port Wine (200mm)- $12 Each


Crepe Myrtle (Ruffled Red Magic, Plum Magic)$50 Each                                                                   

Japanese Maple - Acer palmatum

                                  (Atropurpureum) $75 EACH

                                  (Red Pygmy) $75 EACH 

                                  (Shaina) $75 EACH 

                                  Acer Rubrum

                                 (Frank Jr Redpointe) $95 EACH 

                                 Weeping Acer palmatum Sht Std

                         (Dissectum Atropurpureum) $215 EACH 

                         (Dissectum Inaba Shidare) $215 EACH 





                                      Lemons-(Seedless Lemon Eureka, Eureka lemon, Meyer Lemon, Pinky Lemon, Lemonade)

                                      Oranges-(Late lanes navel, Washington navel, MalteseBlood, Navelina, Seedless Valencia, Cara Cara)

                                      Mandarines-  Imperial, Clemantine, Emperor, Afourer, Japanese Seedless, Ponkanomi)

                                      Limes-(Tahitian Lime,Kaffir Lime)

                                     Grapefruit and Pummelo-( Marsh Grapefruit, Rio-Red grapefruit, Nam-roi pummelo)

                                     Finger Limes- (Byron Sunrise, D Emerald, Rainforest Pearl, Red Centre, Green Sapphire)

                                     Cumquats- Meiwa, Ngami, Calamansi)

Peaches (Grafted)-  (Anzac, Golden Queen, Crimson Rocket, Ruby Sensation, Tasty Zee)

                                          $65 EACH 

Nectarines (Grafted)- (Goldmine, Fantasia, May Grand, Queen Giant)                                               $65 EACH

Quince- (Grafted) (Champion and Smyrna)

                                          $65 EACH 

Apples-(Grafted)- (Gala, Red Delicious, Pink Lady, Granny Smith, Ballerina Flamenco, Ballerina Waltz)

                                          $65 EACH 

Plums (Grafted)- (Santa Rosa, Luisa)

                                           $65 EACH 

Pears (Grafted)- (Josephine, Packhams Triumph)

                                           $65 EACH

Apricot(Grafted)- (Moorpark, Divinity)

                                            $65 Each 

Persimmons (Grafted) - Fuyu, Ichi Ki Kei Jiro (5 Litre)  $87 EACH, 

                 Fuyu, Ichi Ki Kei Jiro, Nightingale - (25 Litre) $150 EACH


Pomegranates- (Wonderful Seedling) $35 EACH (CURRENTLY ON SALE)

                               (Elche- Air Layered) $65 EACH

                                (Elche) $35 Each

NUTS -(Almonds Grafted)-$65 EACH

              (Walnuts Grafted-(Black and Common)-$75 EACH

               (Chestnut Grafted-Flemings Special)-$75 EACH

               (Macadamia Grafted- 25Litre) $75 Each JUST POTTED

               (Macadamia Graft- 15Litre) $65 Each JUST POTTED

BERRIES-  Mulberry Dwarf (Black)- 25 Litre $56.50 Each 

KIWI FRUIT (Grafted)- 25 Litre-$55 EACH Requires Male and Female

LOQUAT- (25Litre) $75 Each JUST POTTED

                  (25 Litre) $115 Each

LYCHEE (AIR LAYERED) - Kwai-Mai (15 Litre) $75 Each 

                                           Kwai Mai (25 Litre) $85 Each 

LONGAN (15 Litre) $75 Each 

                  (25 Litre) $85 Each 

 CHERRIES- (Stella,Lapins, Morello) $65 Each

OLIVES- (15 Litre) Assorted varieties $45 Each JUST POTTED

       (250mm) Manzanillo and Frantoio $31.50 Each

PASSIONFRUIT-Panama Red (200mm) $31.50 Each

MANGO- (15 Litre) $50 Each                                                                                                  Varieties include: Bowan Kensington Seedling, R2E2 Grafted 

GUAVA -(Indian-15 Litre) $35 Each 

                 (Indian and Hawaiian- 25 Litre) $60 Each 

GRAPES- (Menindee Seedless) $38.50 Each 

                   (Golden Muscat) $35 Each 

PAPAYA- 15Litre (Bi sexual) $45 Each 

BANANA- Blue Java, Dwarf Ducasse, Goldfinger. $45 Each (15 Litre) 

CURRY LEAF- $35 Each

FIGS-(Black Genoa, White Genoa,Preston Prolific)- $15 EACH


CHILLI PLANTS- Bull's Horn (Mild), Thai (Hot) $10 EACH





Citrus (Grafted)- Oranges (Washington) Mandarins (Imperial)  Limes (Tahitian) Lemons (Meyer, Eureka)   $51.50 EACH

            Dwarf Eureka- $86.50 EACH JUST POTTED

Nectarines (Grafted)-Trixzie Nectazee- $65 EACH 

Cherries (Grafted)-Trixzie Black Cherree- $65 EACH 

Apples (Grafted)- Trixzie Gala, Trixzie Pink Lady) $65 EACH 

Pears (Grafted)- Trixzie Pyvert Pear $65 EACH